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Your Fairy-Gunfather Gave You A Choice: CZ 97B, FNP45 or an HK45

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What to do, what to do? It's entirely theoretical,
but let's just say you were going to make that choice -- which and why?

As it's theoretical and I don't feel particularly threatened by zombies, let's say it's for
plinking and target work.
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The hk 45 I have a USP tactical and it is a great shooter
I am not that acquainted with these so here are some links.


Well Fairy Gun Fathers usually have deep pockets. So ask him for all. ( or rent them from a range that has all three ) and choose.

Let us know what Gun father says. :watching:
Hey, it was all theoretical: if I go for one, it’s out of pocket, for sure.
I was hoping to take price out of the discussion and compare experiences,
to start with.

I hear a lot of good stuff about the CZ but it’s not too easy to find, and a
bit on the pricey side when you do, but in range. Just wondering what to
compare to in a full size .45 sporting pistol. Thanks.
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CZ97b. $730.00 worth it.


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I'm a CZ fan so that's the way I'd go. I don't think you could go too far wrong with any of them.
HM45 is my choice. fwiw

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I could save the Fairy-Gunfather some money and take a Tanfoglio Witness .45. Basically the same gun as the CZ. Had a Compact P-45 once, great gun. Unforseen difficulties caused me to part with it.
I"m going with the FN. I have an FNX and it's a sweet shooter! Besides, the CZ & HK are 10+1, the FN is 15+1.
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