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Yes, having been run by liberals for so many years, it isn't easy to shoot (legally) up here, but it is possible.

I bought a 92G Elite .40 on Sunday.

It fits my hand perfectly.
It looks great.
The sights aren't welded on.
It will be perfect for IPSC.
My wife is Italian, so I know what perfection is.

Now, one doesn't just buy a handgun in this country. I don't know if anyone else has posted the process, but I will give you the gist:

1. Take a 2.5 day government mandated safety course.

2. Apply for a Permit to Possess and Acquire a Restricted Firearm (Handgun).

3. Fill out a form. Get a passport photo. Get people to sign it stating that you are responsible enough to possess a firearm.

4. Wait a minimum of 28 days for approval.

5. Take your new PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) to a gun club and join the club.

6. Buy a handgun.

7. Wait until the gunshop transfers the ownership from it to you. (A phonecall to the Ontario Firearms Office) At this time, the entire store hears your purchase, your name, your phone number, your address, as they are relayed to the woman at the other end.

8. Wait until the Firearms Office faxes to the shop a form which allows you to transport your new firearm directly from the shop to your home--once. This will take two days or two weeks...or more.

9. Take a redundant safety course at your new club.

10. Successfully complete 6-10 probationary shoots under supervision--not with your gun. Yours stays at home.

11. Get admitted as a full member of the club.

12. Wait until the club secretary submits a new form to the firearms office which will permit you to transport your handgun from your house to the club. Unloaded, locked, and locked again in a secure box, locked in your trunk.

13. Shoot your gun.

(Note: It is illegal to use deadly force to protect property in Canada. And, it is illegal to shoot a handgun at any place other than a range.)

Of course, nothing stops the gang members from shooting each other and innocent bystanders. They don't register their guns or themselves.

Anyway, the shop at which I bought the Elite had about six Berettas from which to choose. Another guy I had never seen before and I were deciding between the Elite and a Special Duty. I decided that the Elite was prettier and $200 cheaper. He was happy to get the SD.

With all the talk about dropping Beretta values, it might be interesting to know that I paid C$1199 for the pistol. That would be around one thousand dollars US. No dropping values here. Much smaller market.

To wrap this up, get this: When the salesperson was giving our names and everything else over the phone, we find out (SD guy and I) that we live about four blocks from one another. When you consider that we live in a metro area of about four million people, that's remarkable.

Good News: A Conservative government just took over the federal gov. here, and it's getting more and more popular every day. If the Liberals had won, they would have seized all handguns--that is, only the legally owned ones.

More to come...I should be able to shoot my Elite for the first time in about six or eight weeks. Really.
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