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X-carved bullets

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I only have one question,does carving an X on the end of your bullet really have any effect at all?
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As an LEO with 23 yrs experience including shooting review boards and court cases, I can tell you that a prosecting attorney will have a field day with a modified firearm or ammunition. Factory stock firarms and factory manufactured ammo, anything else will put you in the crosshairs like you would not believe. And remember, the general public is not sympathetic to gun owners, especially if the prosecution paints you as a bloodthirsty gun nut who enhanced their gear or used more force than deemed neccessary to kill an attacker. Do yourself a favor and read anything by Massad Ayoob. His expert witness cases should make a believer out of anyone. Your logic concerning a JHP and a hand carved bullet is the same as shooting the bad guy outside, then dragging the body in the house. If you shoot someone, even if it's justified, with altered ammo, they will nail you to a cross. I've seen it happen. Unload on a baddie with a .44 +P+ and take out the innocent bystander behind your target, you will lose everthing. The law allows you to defend yourself when you fear for your life, but there are limits. It does not allow you to cut an intruder in half with a belt fed .50 cal or melt him with incendiary shotgun ammo. A jury would view that as "cruel and unusual". That is an extreme example, but I hope you see what I'm getting at. There was a time when a shotgun loaded with rock salt was an acceptable defense weapon. Use that combo now and you will do time. Not trying to be a d***, just trying to educate. We gun owners have to do it clean and by the book.
Exactly a CCW is to stop a threat, period.
Well,if it's true it's true,thanks for the info,being you do know about the law.I wasn't gonna swallow it till somebody had something legit to say.So I probably won't shoot anyone outside with one of my dragon's breath shells now.That was my go to 12 gauge load for outdoor encounters.Hell,youcan't even get in a mutual fight anymore without going to jail.They're doing their best to keep people from owning guns anyway,more and more questions on the forms,domestic violence,involuntart commitment to a mental institution,no dishonorable discharge from the military,of course felonies,all those have been there awhile.But I've seen the newer stuff like no stalking or harrassment,can't have spent more than 30 days in a mental institution,and even no violent crimes,including simple assault,anybody can get that one easy,just by getting in a fight.They'll have everybody singled out,and it will be like the UK here soon enough,no guns.They should allow me to use whatever I want on a home invader,but it seems if I use anything homemade he'll go to Hell,and I'll go to jail.So I'll be a good boy and use a silvertip hollowpoint,that way he'll still be carried by six,and I won't be judged by twelve.I've always wanted to legally shoot someone with an incendiary,but I guess I'll just keep those put away for WW3....
You need to check yourself in with the state mental hospital. You have issues!
I was gonna check in,but the jellyfish that lives in the wall said I'm fine
I only have one question,does carving an X on the end of your bullet really have any effect at all?
It decreases speed and accuracy. It won’t explode. Soldiers don’t do it except in movies.
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