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About 30 years ago a wash force marching my Springer spaniel through a field 200 yrds from the house when I spied something odd ball in some scrub Bushes. A closer inspection revealed dark green drab tubes marked 2.75 warhead. There was about 9 off em barely seen here. The one I had felt pretty weighty indeed so I threw it down as hard as I could 🤪 and took off.

The area here in Florida was once a busy place with all sorts of training bases and live fire ranges in the years prior to WWII through the Korean War.

Now how did the police know when to show up shortly thereafter? After they saw it (they wouldn’t get closer than 6 feet. They called up the closest military base with EOD personnel some 40 miles away, who showed up with style in a helicopter. Meanwhile law enforcement had blocked off nearly a dozen roads To the area, ambulance and medical personnel and news crews and helicopters as well.

Well the tubes end up being empty. They once hosted 2.75 inch rocket warheads Though.
A few weeks later I was out there with my metal detector. I found a few interesting things that indicated to me that the area was once part of a live fire range…..(possibly of weapons development purpose?) quite a few inert dummy rounds.

But there was a big one that I kept that I simply cannot identify (yet), so if you know anything about that era, please chime in.
It is an inert dummy round with a concrete core.
Nearest I can figure is it close to 1.58 in diameter which puts it dern close to 40mm. Length is is close to 6 3/16 inch. I can find no length measurements for an actual 40mm AA projectile To compare here. Perhaps Maybe 40mm Bofor development thing, perhaps not.

Its the crimp ring that kinda throws me off here, this as well as the length gives pause enough that I’m way off base thinking it’s a Bofor dummy projectile.
The field is some 20 miles from the ocean so it seems an odd place to find a dummy AA 40mm .
Maybe it’s some other type of 40mm ordinance ?

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