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WTT/WTS - any Nascar fans? ( TX, austin area)

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looking to trade for guns and $$

I have 2 Artist Proof prints by Sam Bass, he is a well known Nascar artist. Sam does the covers for quite a few of the race track programs as well as designs for the car paint jobs.

First one is of Alan Kulwicki and the Underbird from his championship season.


This is what the print looks like minus the wording at the top and bottom. The print that I have is one (1 of 50) Artist Proofs, it is framed and has a Winston Cup Pole ticket (unused) from pole nite for the Winston. This was issued the year after AK was killed in a plane crash. There is only one print left at Sam Bass Galleries and they want $2800 for it. I am looking for $1500 OBO

Second print is of Dale Earnhardt and the win at Daytona in 1998. It is also an AP and is one of 198. It is autographed by DE himself.


This is what this print looks like. Mine is still in the original mailing tube. The print itself is sold out at Sam Bass Galeries, they still have the AP and want $1200-$1800 for it. I am looking for $800 OBO

I will get actual photos of these online ASAP!!!!

Guns I am looking for:

Walther P99 9mm AS trigger
Ruger 50th Annv. Revolvers
Ruger 200th Annv. Revolvers (1976 year model)
John Wayne Commeritive Rifle
or ????

I am in the North Austin Area and would Prefer FTF but will consider other methods.
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