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Wondering about your self-defense ammo? Is it the best? What's the difference between being shot out of a 2" barrel .38 special and a 4" .38 special? What's hype and what's not?

I recently heard Roy Huntington mention that there's all the hype and then there's science. Roy recommended this site for the science.

Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing

The gentleman who runs the site and supervises the controlled tests is a qualified expert witness and has worked with numerous government and private agencies. This is not fluff selling you one brand of ammo over another. This is scientific testing and the results.

Frankly, I thought I knew what was best. Turns out I don't. Reading this site has opened my eyes and has changed my mind about many of the ammo cartridges I've been carrying. I let my feelings get in the way of facts but now I know better. There're few things in life more worthwhile than exchanging incorrect thinking for better information.

Spend some time on this site. You may have your mind changed as well.
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