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Which 1911 brand do you prefer?

Which 1911 brand do you prefer?

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Which 1911 brand do you prefer? If you could, list a reason why. Past/current experience? Feel, dependibility, accuracy?

If it's not on the list, feel free to state another option.

I am looking to get a 1911. I know, I know....I just got my USP-C 9mm you say. Well I just can't help myself. :-D

Let the debate begin.... :twisted:
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Hello. I voted Springfield Armory because the last several examples I've seen and shot have had very, very good slide-to-frame and slide-to-barrel fit.
I'm speaking specifically of the Mil Spec and what was once called the GI Mil Spec.

I voted for the SA pistol for a couple of other reasons as well:

1. They seem to be in the price range that many can afford, and

2. They offer a "basic no frills" pistol that can be used as is for many and is still a good "base gun" for folks who might want to customize the gun a little or a lot or in between.

(A third reason for myself is that it doesn't have those darned forward slide serrations.)

At this moment, my standard Mil Spec has roughly 3600 rounds through it and the gun has yet to malfunction. Normally, it was cleaned after every range session whether 100 or 300 rounds were fired. I did shoot it w/o internal cleaning for 700 shots before I couldn't stand it any longer and cleaned it.

My particular SA Mil Spec was not altered much on the outside, but its internal parts were replaced and were tweaked by triggersmith, Teddy Jacobson. The trigger settled in at about 4 1/4 lbs and has remained constant.

As the sights were "on" from the factory, I have no intention of changing them.

The spur hammer used by Mr. Jacobson was bobbed and reshaped to eliminate hammer bite and I dressed down the sharp edges of the GI grip safety. For me, it is not as comfortable as a wide, fitted grip safety, but it is fine for a couple of hundred rounds at a time. Others might have no problem at all with more shots per session.

As it came from the factory, this Mil Spec grouped quite satisfactorily for me.

Perhaps the changing of the grips is the most visible change on this Mil Spec. This one has never malfunctioned and accuracy has proven better than expected. The only other SA 1911-type handgun I own is a lightweight 5" gun I got several years ago. The one pictures is fitted better from the factory than my older gun and does group better.

Not "Camp Perry accurate" to be sure, this is plenty good for my purposes.

Were I going to spend more at the get-go, I've had awfully good luck with STI's Trojan pistols.

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My other is a LBC.....Les Baer.....although a custom gun....it is my all time favorite.....Mine is an SE in .38 Super.....my favorite caliber, as well.
There is only one and thats Colt.
Never had a bit of trouble out of any of my Colts can't say that about the Para I had. or another brand X
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I remain impressed with Kimbers and Springers but the Kimber gets the niod. I own a Custom Compact and it will shoot with full sized 1911s. Regards, Richard :-D
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That's a tough call. I like Springfield and Kimber a lot. I own a Kimber and have shot a friends a lot and both are excellent guns. I have shot a co-workers Springer and it was a great gun too. I guess since I own a Kimber I will go with them though.
my best is a usgi made 1942 for oss by singer
I don't have a 1911 style handgun, but I would have to choose either the original Colt or a Springfield.
I'll have to get a Springfield, then I can post with a better informed opinion... From my experiences so far, I'd have to say Kimber... Although Colt is a close second.
Try the next gun show, or if you can get in touch with a gun collector's club. Maybe place it on consignment at you dealer's.

Couple of years back a friend of mine died. His nephew inherited his collection of military arms, but was not interested in keeping it. So he put the collection in the local gun shop, selling individual pieces.

The collector's came out of the woodwoork!

As I remember, some pieces were of little or no value, but the really good ones brought in fair prices. If I remember correctly, the dealer told me her commission was around $5000.

The commision was well worth it, not having to deal with each buyer or would-be buyer.

Just some thoughts.

Bob Wright
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I had a little extra money from some real deals I have made over the years s0 I bought into the Wilson Combat line and have never looked back. My second choices will be my Springfields then Kimbers then Para's then those darn ole jumping ponies!!!
What about the S&W line of 1911's. I don't hear much about them just my dealer tells me they are great guns.
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I have heard the sam ething. If I ever get another, I would consider one.
Jack Bauer's calendar goes from March 31st to April 2nd; no one fools Jack Bauer.
Looks like the Chinese may have fooled him this time! :-D

Back to business...
Frame of reference
1 History of 1911? or current 1911s trends?
2 Pistols with a purpose? or Pistols with a marketing plan?
3 Shoot everytime reliability? or finiciky range rod?
4 Half a dozen models to choose from? or a catalogue of options?

Anybody see where this is goin'? Throw out you magazine articles and listen to actual shooters. COLT, hands down. 8)
Mystro said:
Jack Bauer's calendar goes from March 31st to April 2nd; no one fools Jack Bauer.
Looks like the Chinese may have fooled him this time! :-D
Oh, he'll get out of it easy :wink:

Jack Bauer once told God he needed access, the event has since been
referred to as "The Big Bang."
Kimber is a good value for a pistol, but I prefer Springfield pistols. I have a TRP Professional and it works for me. I also like the SVI line of 1911 pistols as well. There are MANY good companies making fine 1911 style pistols.
For me, in order of preference:

a) Les Baer Thunder Ranch 1911 .45 ACP

2) Springfield Armory WW-II G.I. replica / and Mil Spec

3) Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II
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