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Where is OK to ask about general value of a handgun?

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Hello all,

I'm new here so I'm probably going to post in the wrong place. I see there's a marketplace, but before I put my guns up for sale I'd like to find out their approximate value to see if it's even worth it to do so. The problem is the 2 I want to unload are a bit unusual. One's a LLama 45 cal. IX-C and I'm having trouble find out it's value since it's not a common gun. The other is a common gun, a .38 Smith & Wesson 5-shot SPL, but it has a Pearl handle and none of the listings I've seen for similar guns do. What's the best place on this forum to get an idea what they are worth?

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Condition is every thing on a guns value. A special gun that might be worth $1000's in excellent condition will be totally worthless to everybody if it's a rusty hulk regardless of what it *once* was. So whomever quotes the value really must see the gun.

That being said, the most common place to get a quote is a good gun shop where the owner looks at the gun and refers to the Blue Book (like the previous post did). Be sure to make sure exactly which type of value you're getting too. Is it a 'trade-in' price (whole sale) vs. a street (retail) price.

You can also take it to a gun show, but I don't think that's as reliable since they guy you're talking to is 'here today, gone tomorrow'. If you do that, get more than one opinion.
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