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Where is OK to ask about general value of a handgun?

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Hello all,

I'm new here so I'm probably going to post in the wrong place. I see there's a marketplace, but before I put my guns up for sale I'd like to find out their approximate value to see if it's even worth it to do so. The problem is the 2 I want to unload are a bit unusual. One's a LLama 45 cal. IX-C and I'm having trouble find out it's value since it's not a common gun. The other is a common gun, a .38 Smith & Wesson 5-shot SPL, but it has a Pearl handle and none of the listings I've seen for similar guns do. What's the best place on this forum to get an idea what they are worth?

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I can give a bit of help for the Llama,,,

My 2008 version of the Blue Book of Gun Values says,,,
It was discontinued in 1997,,,
100% condition = $325.00
95% condition = $200.00
90% condition = $180.00

Llama made some decent pistols,,,
But they have never been incredibly popular or collectable.
And I don't believe that they would have appreciated much in 6 years.

I hope that gives you a decent starting point.

As for the 5-shot S&W revolver,,,
There are about a dozen different models of that basic type.

We need pictures to help you better.



P.S. Don't expect the pearl grips to add any value to that revolver,,,
In fact the absence of factory original grips lessens the value.

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