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Years ago, I worried more about printing. Now, we have open carry in Texas.

I don't open carry, but I no longer worry that much about printing. Unless you are a cute girl, most people are not paying that much attention to you anyway. :p

So, after almost a decade and a half of IWB, I switched to OWB carry, as it is much more comfortable...

I like this style of holster (minimal holster) because anything bigger gives me pain on my side. I'm a thin guy too, but big pieces of polymer or leather on my hip area makes my side hurt after a little while. So, I just use a minimum sized OWB holster. Granted - as per my S&W customer service thread, having an open holster invites damage to the gun if you bang it on a chair armrest. But, I have been carrying a gun this way for years, and that was the very first time I actually damaged a gun in my holster...

Anyway - I like this Versa Carry Protector (not my actual photo)

And, this Galco Matrix (photo below) is actually my all time favorite holster. I got one back when I had a HK USPc 9mm. But, it works for many other guns. I also bought one for a Sig 229. Between the two of them, they fit almost all my guns.

(Not my actual photo)
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