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Is it me or is there something missing in this news story...? I wasn't aware of it being the sole responsiblity of a "window screen" to watch over a 16 month old baby...

Police: Baby Fell 70 Feet From Apartment Window
Residents Say Window Screens Are Faulty

POSTED: 5:09 pm EDT April 20, 2006

Police are investigating the baby that fell seven floors to his death on Thursday.

Saviour Allah, only 16 months old, was at home at the North Park Place Apartments in Southfield playing with his 7-year-old brother, Local 4 reported.

The brother told police he was playing with the baby and then left the room. When he returned the window was open and the baby was nowhere to be seen. Saviour, who police believe pushed the screen out of the seventh-floor window, fell 70 feet to his death.

Police believe the mother of the baby was not at home at the time of the accident, but in another apartment with her boyfriend.

Residents of the apartment building said they have been dealing with loose-fitting screens for years, and that the accident is the fault of the apartments management company.

Attempts to reach the management company were unsuccessful.

Police and child protection services are investigating.
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