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Basically- I keep a separate log for each gun I own.
When I shoot- I log the total number of rounds fired and the identity of those rounds- like Remington 9mm 115 gr. fmj.
I also log how many mis-feeds or malfunction of any kind with each specific ammo. Also if there was an issue- I also log which specific magazine was in use at the time. Every magazine I have has an identifying mark on it. I use an electric etching pen to label them with a 1,2 or 3...or an A,B, C.
After each range session I can easily add the number of rounds fired to the total I already have. I'll try to take a pic of an empty chart-
Here we go-
If you notice- in that first column I has 2 fail to feed, and in the next column I had 1 fail to eject. Then if you look in the far right column you can see I recorded issues with the Rem HTP ammo. It is older and apparently is causing issues. Now I know not to carry it any more. Also you can see near the bottom I have having a couple issues with mag #1 failing to lock back- with 2 different brands of ammo. So- now I know there may be an issue with mag #1... possibly the follower is messed up?

I do this with every gun I have. This eliminates guess work. I KNOW what works and doesn't work in these guns.
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