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I've had a PPS only since October of 2015 and a Steyr M9-A1 since February 2016. The PPS is the normal EDC, especially now that warmer weather and lighter clothes are upon us. Prior to that, however and where I was wearing appropriate clothing, I carried my Steyr with its 17 round magazine.
Concealability of the PPS with one of several IWB holsters I have is quite good, even with the 8 round mag. and of course more so with the 6 round one.
I was astounded at how concealable is the Steyr. I've got a Bravo Concealment "BCA" outside the waistband holster that, at least for me, is damned near as good as the PPS in an IWB rig. I never would have thought that could be. BTW, Yankee Marshall has reviewed that holster and has good things to say.
Trigger on PPS has some creep, but not gritty, no stacking, and is overall just fine for an EDC striker-fired pistol.
Trigger on Steyr is better than the PPS, lighter with very slight creep, no stacking, nice crisp let-off.
Both guns are absolutely reliable so far after at least 400 rounds each. Not one single malfunction.
I'm a very experienced IHMSA long-range (out to 200 yards) pistol shooter and have had some very nice scores once or twice, so I understand handgun accuracy. But I'd say that both the Steyr and the PPS are more than sufficiently accurate for their intended purpose of self-defense out on the street. Clearly, the two guns have more inherent accuracy than I have skill.
All things considered, I got really lucky with the two pistols.
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