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Have heard that the Hogue slip on grip can make a fullsize HK USP less "boxy". I love my compact USP grip (it's thinner), but I was thinking of putting the Hogue slip on onto my fullsize USP.

Would this make it even fatter, though? It has the palm swells on the side. And, when I added Hogue grips to my Beretta 92FS last year, it made the gun too fat. I ended up taking them off.

Didn't wanna waste the money on the hogue if it made the gun feel even fatter.

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Vom Kriege said:
It has been my experience that the pistol tends to slip around in one of those grips. I had one on a P95 for a while.
The old P95 was wayyyy slick..

Trick is to use alcohol on them.. heat makes them rip easier.

That being said, I could never get over the wierd feel they have...
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