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I've related this on other forums before, hope its not run into the ground.

My Uncle Buford lived up in middle Tennessee, near the Kentucky border, in a small town of Lafayette, Tennessee. He was a WW I veteran, an avid squirrel hunter, and a gun buff. His ideal guns were ones that fit into a shirt pocket, the little Colts and Brownings. It was Uncle Buford who took me on my first squirrel hunt.

He had two sources for guns; one was over the state line in Kentucky, the other on the town square of Lafayette, Trapp's Jewelers. Not only did Trapp's have a line of fine jewelry, they had guns, pocket knives, and the Mrs. had a boutique (though at the time we didn't know it was a boutique. In fact, we didn't know what a boutique was.) in the back of the store fitting Pennyrich Bras and foundations. My Aunt Johnnie starting keeping a more watchful eye on my uncle when he announced he was "goin' up to Trapp's Jewelers."

Next to the hardware store, the jewelry store was the most interesting place in town. Some folks said even more interesting.

Bob Wright
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