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This place is worth a fortune!

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There is a site that lets U look at domain names to see what they might be worth commercially...

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Hey what you be watching on the media player? :wink:
Maser said:
Hey what you be watching on the media player? :wink:
Listening to online radio The media player had Wolf FM. And, then, later during the day, I press "Stop" and play KLIF - a talk radio station, w/ Firefox. I listen to Glenn Beck and Bill Oreilly during the day usually.
Being from Texas, I recall the days when KLIF was a decent top 40 station, but the REAL rockers listened to KZEW, which played half albums without commercial interruption!!! Uh oh, I just made myself feel REALLY OLD !!
I think they are having their 20th anniversary of talk radio today.
Well.............. you don't NEED to rub it in !!!! Album rockj stations are apparently a thing of the past. Radio stations milk as much from as many commercials they can air. I like O'Reilly & Limbaugh & Hannity on the radio, but 5 mins of talk and 5 mins of commercials starts to wear on me pretty quick.
I can't stand Limbaugh, and not really a Hannady fan. I just like O'Reilly myself.
I listen to a local radio show here which is also on TV and man them guys are so damn funny.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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