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these helped give you freedom

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some of the handguns in the museum at kingsmountain military park. here in 1780one third of the british southern army was defeated for the first time since their landing at charleston. this is very near my home.

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That's really cool... :)

We have a revolutionary war battleground in my town... "Guilford Battleground"

I go there about once week to walk my dog on the grounds. It's really cool to check out the cannons and other historical stuff on display. Of course, there is a church a cross the street that has a pretty good size graveyard with revolutionary war soldiers buried there. The church was organized in the early 1700's.
Both battlefields mentioned above are part of the same campaign. Major Ferguson was the inventor of the Ferguson Rifle, and he is touted as once having George Washington in his sights but refused to fire because it would have meant shooting him in the back. He did not know the man in his sights was Washington.
patrick ferguson

his rifle cut away

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Very cool, I would love to shoot something like that just to get an idea of the way it was back then.
just look at the craftsmanship in the stock alone.wow,with hand tools.thats amazing!looks strong too. the way the rifle tapers down to a strong spine like struckture for strenth!
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