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My holsters are hand crafted in my small one man shop in Arkansas. Every chance I get it is a 2 man shop, because my grandson Jake, loves helping his papaw!
I custom make each holster one at a time building them to perfectly fit your gun. My holsters are tuckable, durable and extremely comfortable for all day wear. They are designed to be worn around the 4 to 5 o'clock position for optimum comfort. I make them in black cowhide or in natural horsehide which is a light tan. I use heavy duty kydex or metal belt clips and can add belt slots to the holster so you can remove the clips and wear on your belt owb. I have 6-8 holes in the leather for you to move the clips up or down to adjust the cant and ride height of your weapon. If you have any Questions Email me at [email protected] and I will get back with you as quickly as possible. You won't hear from a secretary or a receptionist, because I don't have one. I believe you need to hear from the man that will be building your holster.
In most cases I can get your holster to you in a 7 to 10 business days. My holsters are Kydex with 8-9 oz Premium Leather or Horsehide backing.

All holsters come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Lifetime warranty.

Cowhide is only $55.00 Shipped.
Horsehide is only $65.00 Shipped.
Wear it 2weeks if you don't like it, return it for a full refund!

You can order these direct from my site http://theisholsters.com

Guns I make holsters for:
All 1911's-Kimber,Springfield,Colt,Etc
1911 With Rail, except Taurus
Beretta 92/96
Beretta Cougar 9mm, 49,357,45
Beretta PX4
Beretta PX4 sub compact
Bersa Thunder 380
Browning Hi Power 9mm
Compact 1911's (all)
CZ 75,75c, P-01
EAA Witness p, and compact
FN 5-Seven
FN Fnp 9mm & 40cal
FN 9-40
Glock 17,19,22,23
Glock 17,19,22,23 WITH CT LASERGUARD
Glock 26, 27,33
Glock 26, 27,33 WITH CT LASERGUARD
Glock 20,21,29,30
Glock 36
Hk p30
HK p2000sk 9mm,40
Hk usp 45
Hk usp 9mm,40
Hk usp compact 9mm,40
Hk usp compact 45
Kahr CW,K,T 9mm,40
Kahr CW,K,T 45
Kahr P45
Kahr PM9, PM40
Kahr P380
Keltec P3at
Keltec P11
Keltec PF9
Keltec PF9/wlaserguard
Kimber 1911
Kimber Solo
Makarov 9mm pm
Ruger LC9
Ruger LC9/wlaserguard
Ruger lcp
Ruger lcp/wlaserguard
Ruger lcr
Ruger P series,85,89,94,95,ect
Ruger sp101
Ruger SR9
Ruger SR40
Ruger SR9/with laserguard
Ruger SR9c
Ruger SR9c/with laserguard
Sccy 9mm
Sig P2022,2340
Sig P220,245
Sig p220 with rails
Sig p225
Sig p226
Sig p229
Sig p229 with rails
Sig p230,232
Sig p238
Sig p239
Sig p250 with new picatinny rail
Sig p250(except rounded trigger guard)
Sid p250 subcompact
Sig mosquito
Springfield 1911s
Springfield 1911 WITH RAIL (operator, etc)
Springfield EMP 9mm,40
Springfield XD,9mm,40
Springfield XD 45
Springfield XD sub compact, 9mm,40
Springfield XDm 9mm,40,45
S&W Bodyguard 38 revolver
S&W Bodyguard 380 Auto
S&W m&p 9mm,40,357
S&W m&p 45
S&W J Frames
S&W K Frames
S&W SD 9mm,40
S&W Sigma
S&W 3913,3914
S&W 4300 series
S&W 4516 45
S&W 4600 series
S&W 1076 10mm
S&W Shorty 40
Taurus PT 111 9mm
Taurus PT 140 40cal
Taurus PT 145 45 cal
Taurus PT 709,740 slim
Taurus PT 709,740 slim with laserguard
Taurus pt 738 TCP
Taurus 617
Taurus 92/99/100
Taurus Judge(Public Defender)
Taurus Judge (Polymer Public Defender)
Taurus 85
Walther P22
Walther P99
Walther PK380
Walther PPK/S
Walther PPQ 9mm,40
Walther PPS 9mm,40
All models made right or left hand.
Contact me about special orders
Thanks for looking
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