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An outstanding handgun is an understatement.

I've got one and the machining, fit finish and quality of this pistol are second to none. That's what you're paying for. At around $1,350 retail it's every bit as good as my Wilson EDC X9 that sells for around $2,800. I'd consider the Q4 a bargain. Indeed it's the best shooting striker fired handgun on the market today along with the Q5.

My only complaint is the plastic trigger, not that there's anything inherently wrong with it. I just don't like the feel of a plastic trigger. I swapped mine out for an Overwatch Precision trigger. However at $200 they're not cheap. For aesthetics I'd love to have some nice wood grips for this pistol. I've looked but there aren't any available. Lok grips is the only company as far as I know that makes aftermarket grips for this pistol.
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What are the markings referring to ( origin) it's build ?
Beautiful guns
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