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I've had a TactiPack for about 12 years now, the second one is packed up to go back. They seem to make about 5(ish) years of almost every day use and the ABS? shell cracks. Not to panic, they honor the warranty, or have so far. No fussin, cussin, or bargaining.
Limitations as they are, it is one of if not the most comfortable holsters I've tried, and I have tried a lot. Self supporting, and decant wear. Never dropped a pistol out of one, and they just work. I have a home grown holster maker that is cordura, or what ever, and is OK, I have a Cross Breed that is nice, but it has some weird traits. It gets unadjusted, somehow, and still weighs heavy on my belt. OK, but not as good as the Tacti Pack IMHO.
Just a shameless shout out to a very decent company to do business with. FWIW, their turn around and lead times have shortened considerably over the years.
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