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ginkgo said:
Can anyone tell me how to fix this situation? I have a brand new [nib] 92FS and put a spent cartridge in it. When I released the slide it didn't go all the way forward, leaving about 3/8" of the recoil spring guide exposed. I can't pull or push the slide forward or back. The hammer is back. Even releasing the disassembly lever doesn't help.

Thanks for any advice.
That case was propably swallen (shot from a gun with looser chamber than yours).

If you're right handed:
Grab the slide with your left hand from the top of it so that your palm is against the top of slide and the grip is pointin downwards. Now, hit the backstrap with your right hand to move the frame forwards. Repeat until the slide opens and that empty shell ejects.

That should do the trick...
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