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Shooting Contest RESULTS - Class 1 (Ends 6-30-06)

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Ok, Post ONLY your results for 7 yards. NO comments/questions, etc. on THIS thread.

If you have ANY comments or questions, please post them here (like, if you have no idea what I am talking about :-D ):


Please don't complain if your messages (containing other topics) on this thread are deleted. ONLY results for the shooting contest are to be posted here

DEADLINE 6-30-06

Only 1 target posted per person in each class!
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Sig P220 / .45 ACP / Score = 33

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Gun: HK-MK23 .45ACP
Ammo: CCI Brass 240 gr
Range: 7yds (21ft)
Score = 40
Date: 06/08/06

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SW99 - 9mm
CCI Blazer 115gr
7 yards (21 feet)
Score = 43 (10+10+10+7+6)

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USP Expert 9mm / score 46
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ocharry's results...7 yrds.

This is the result for "ocharry"

7 yrds.

score - 50

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Here's my Class 1 entry

Kimber Custom Compact / 7 yds
.45 ACP

Score - 47 (not the 48 listed on the target..)

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