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Cuomo is no joke. Neither are all the other Progressives, all of whom know with absolute certainty, and much better than you, what's best for you and the rest of society.

Progressive political philosophy is based upon an English philosophical movement of the middle 1700s called "Utilitarianism." Its leading proponent was Jeremy Bentham, who decreed that society would be best served by catering to the majority opinion. As he put it, that was "The greatest good for the greater number."
This philosophy shuts the minority viewpoint (or viewpoints, since there could be more than one minority opinion) out in the cold. Nowadays, this is called "The tyranny of the majority" because it gives greatest credence to what could merely be 51% of the people involved. The initiative process of lawmaking is a good example of this "tyranny of the majority."
What happens to the needs of the remaining 49%? Nothing. They can just live with the majority's decision, or they can leave.

Our Founders were well acquainted with Bentham's Utilitarianism. Our Constitution was the Founders' method of shutting Utilitarianism out of the US political process.
The Progressives are bent upon destroying the Constitution because its provisions short-circuit Utilitarianism. Every state which has permitted the initiative law-making process has also been a part of this attempt to destroy the Constitution, because the initiative process quashes the opinions and needs of the minority, no matter how large a minority it may be.

(I apologize for the above rant. It's a subject that makes my blood boil, every time)
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