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Rock Island Armory (RIA) debuted a completely new pistol design called the RIA 5.0. It’s basically a mix between a 1911, a CZ75, and P320 with a completely new recoil system. This pistol is designed as the ultimate competition gun for RIA.


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I saw an interview with the president of Armscor at Shot show about the RIA 5. He said that after the first 1000 are sold (probably close to that goal by now) they were going to make the slide for optics different to take other optics besides the C-Mor. That's a good idea. I

On the current model, I don't know if the slide is milled or needs a plate to attach the optics. Plates are the weak point for optics mounting. Screw shear happens more and more. Until the slide is milled to accept a standardized optics platform, I won't be buying one with optics.

At Gunsight, they've released a Glock 9mm that has a milled slide for optics. I think that's going to be the wave of the future for all optic mounting. Slide milling, no plates.

When that happens I'll buy one. Meanwhile, if one with good sights shows up I'd probably get that first.

Plus, a compact about the size of a CZ compact would go on my list.

I'm convinced that if these pistols hold up as promoted (and I have no reason to think otherwise) these will be the defining point in semi-auto handguns since the 1911 and High Powers (the originals). There's nothing in my life that has radically changed semi-automatics like this RIA.
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