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Went to the range, and also met someone I met on the other Beretta Forum - We had a fun time at the range, and I got to shoot his PX4.

This was the first time I shot my SW99 since I got it back from it's hard chroming. It ran fine w/ no jams, but I was starting to get irritated, because it would not lock back at all after the last round in the mag. I have 5 mags, and they were all doing it, but the mags worked fine in my Walther P99.

I always bring all my stuff to the range, so I tried cleaning and oiling the slide stop - no luck. Finally, I figured I'd try oiling the extractor a bit (where it goes into the frame), and a small button on the inside bottom part of the slide (I really am not sure what it does). Anyway, after that, it worked great. No more failure to lock backs.

I assume that with the hard chrome, some parts in the slide were just dry w/ no lube.

After that, I was able to go back to enjoying the gun w/o troubleshooting.

Also met someone else w/ a SW99 - He liked the hard chrome on mine and wanted to know where I Got it at.

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