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Reduce Recoil in P-32 and 380

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Wolff springs makes 11lb and 13 lb recoil springs for P-32. The factory spring is 9lb. When shooting Corbon or S&B in my P-32 recoil is snappy. So I installed the 13lb spring I have fired a box of S&B and a box of Corbon felt recoil has been reduced and pistol works fine.
However I tried with regular Win and Hornady ammo and pistol ran in slow motion Ejected cases barley cleared pistol and I could almost watch the loading of next round.Would not lock slide back. 13lb is only for hot 32 like Corbon or the S&B
If you carry Corbon I say try the 13lb if you use other might give the 11lb a go. Both will help on wear and tear.
For you 380 owners the springs will fit your 380. The 13 lb spring should help with recoil and wear and tear on pistol. Just call Wolff You can get a 9 11 13 lb package or single spring. I bought package.Its a better deal
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Appreciate the FYI - Now that I have one - this actually means something to me :p
What do you think the 11# spring would perform like? :smt1099
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