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Bob Wright said:
When I had a Colt Gold Cup, I got good results with Winchester Silvertips. These opened up dramatically on crows out to about 75 yards or so.

Col. Charles Askins favorite round for combat was the 185gr SWC target round. This from a man who had used .357 Magnums and .44 Magnums in combat. From service on the border to at least two wars, Col. Askins was truly a modern day gunfighter.

Bob Wright
Hey Bob, where can one get those there 185-gr SWC target loads, aint no one around here got loaded lead bullets or even copper washed loaded for sale. I would much rather myself use a Keith SWC design for hard hitting. I don't care much for the HP design while carrying in the woods with my .45 ACP Tracker.

Never mind Bob, I found some 200-gr SWC at Cabelas
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