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How long ago is the....

Shipwreck said:
Got an awesome $50+ S&W range bag for free for mailing in proof of a Walther purchase. I love this bag. Got a 2nd one in yesterday too.
...purchase valid for? I got my P-99 QA sometime in late March...BTW, this forum has super potential...I like it ;-)

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Here ya go:


It says ONLY S&W, but I sent it off 2x with 2 Walther receipt copies, and got 2 bags. At the bottom, I hand wrote that S&W had been contacted, and I had been told that Walther P99's were included.

In truth, someone on another board had called and posted that S&W would allow the Walther purchase to qualify.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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