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I rarely get excited about a new gun because, well, because there are new guns released every week that seem to be more of the same guns that were released last week.

This one however, the RIA 5.0, appears to be a new idea that is actually good. Unless the first production run proves problematic, it might be the gun of the decade.

One of my favorite reviewers, Roy Huntington, released this video today. RIA 5.0 9mm

Take a look. No word yet on the cost, but I may be saving my pennies.

UPDATE: I've learned the expected msrp is about $1000.00. Probably about 8-900 discounted. But that's not too bad as it comes with a red dot matched to the pistol if it shoots as it has been described. It being steel and not polymer is a big plus as well as the trigger pull at a little more than 2 lbs.

The looks remind me of a High-Power and CZ style.

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There are 2 news stories I posted on this gun, here on the forum:

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