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Man, it is amazing at the lower price of Beretta 92s w/ the Bruniton finish at Gun shows. I saw them as low as $425 a few months ago. Today, I saw the avg proce was $419, and I even saw one $399 price for new.

Now, of course, it has the newer plastic parts, but that is an awesome deal. Of course, all the ones I looked at, don't seem quite as nice as the older ones. When I tried the slide safety on several, they don't seem to snap back and forth into place sharply - not like the 92FS I had for about 8 years. The safeties are kinda limp.

Don't know - they just aren't making them as nice as they used to. Of course - it is a moot point now, with the 90-Two, the new Beretta replacement, coming out soon.
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