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Hal8000 said:
Nice nice, very nice! All of them! Except the Hellboy Revolver. Just can't see me even shooting that hogleg! How do you like that fiber optic on that Ruger P97? Is that a shooter, or a safe queen? Nice!
The fiber optic sight is my CCW. The other I shoot occasionally, but keep it in the safe most of the time. It would be easy to get the mirror finished scratched. I love the fiber optic sight. It improved my shooting a lot, and is great on a cloudy day or when there is low light.

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The short guns


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Hello. Here are some favorites:

A Smith & Wesson Model 042 that saw quite a bit of carry time, but which has since been "retired" and a 642 carried in its place.

This Ruger SP101 is stock and has been smoothed up only by dry-firing and shooting. I did clean up the edges of the trigger with some very fine grit sand paper to remove sharp edges, but that's about it. Didn't know if I'd like it or not when I bought it, but it has truly become a favorite carry gun, often in conjunction with my 642.

I bought this S&W Model 19 NIB in the early seventies for my father. When he passed, it came back to me. It is used now and again at the range, but I mainly just take good care of it.

This Series 70's Colt was bought new some 30+ years ago and customized by Lou Williamson.

Found this like-new Colt Agent with the box at the right price at a gunshow.

A plain ol' S&W Model 10 that I enjoy using at the range.

A Smith & Wesson Model 41 I bought in the early 80's and had the frame and guts hardchromed.

My old "duty Hi Power", which was lightly modified. It was refinished after I retired. It's an early Mk III with the forged rather than cast frame.

An S&W CS-1 that I lucked into.

SIG P210 that I bought with the .22 LR conversion kit. It is shown set up for 9mm.

This is my first Hi Power, bought new in '71. Gunsmith, Lou Williamson, did the custom work about a year later.

Customized Star Model 28

This is an STI Trojan 9mm long slide and one of the most accurate 9mm's I've ever shot. I shoot it better than the P210.


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P97, i really like the engraving jobs, were those done by ruger?

Scooter, i have the same service ring and badge...lol(the bottom one)

here are a couple of mine, i don't have photos of them all. sorry bout the lousy camera work also

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