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Police Pursuit Ends When Suspect is Bitten By His Dog

CEDAR CITY, Utah - A police pursuit ended when the suspect's dog, not happy about being bounced around in the car, bit its owner on the face.

Iron County sheriff's officers approached Nicholas T. Galanis, 47, of Salt Lake City to talk to him about some stolen property.

Galanis got in his car and fled with his dog.

The chase went southbound on Gold Springs Road, a windy, bumpy dirt road about five miles northwest of Modena, at around 5:38 p.m. Monday, said sheriff's detective Jody Edwards.

"Deputies could see the dog in the passenger seat getting slammed into the window," he said.

The dog, which is partly pit bull, "became so agitated that he bit his owner in the face," Edwards said. "And this is what ended the chase."

The bite removed part of Galanis' nose and he stopped.

Galanis was taken to Valley View Medical Center before being booked into Iron County Jail.

His dog was taken to the Enoch Animal Shelter.

Galanis was held for investigation of supplying false information to police, receiving/possession of stolen property and theft.

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Sometimes it is OK to bite the hand that feeds ya....sorta :-D :-D

Sorry, but I find that hilarious. Same sort of thing happend to me a couple times. No, I wasn't running from the cops. A friend of mine was with me while we were having fun on some dirt roads and we had a young rottweiler with us and well, he wasn't to pleased about the rough roads and bit both of us and was trying to paw at our faces.
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