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here's a picture of my 92fs, got it way back in '96 (my first pistol). serial number BER007***. it also has a PS engraved on the other side, i read from another forum that PS stands police special. i don't get to shoot it anymore, although it's a pretty decent shooter. i just got a 1911 last november, but i don't intend to let go of it either due to sentimental reasons.

to other beretta owners/enthusiasts, pls. post pictures of your pistols here.

Shipwreck said:
Nice. MIght be better if you shrank the pic down a bit, though :)
I reduced the size abit...I just saved the images to my hard drive, reduced the size then uploaded them to my server. Which by the way, if someone needs help with resizing just get with me and I'll do it for you...while I can.

Great looking gun! :) I've got to get an Inox, well...it's next on the list.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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