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Paddle holster for P3AT with Crimson Trace laser installed?

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I'm a newbie so any help would be appreciated. Purchased Kel-Tec P3AT & installed Crimson Trace laser. I'm having difficulty finding a paddle holster so I can carry concealed outside waistband. Thanks!:smt1099
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Send a PM to "Old Padawan," and let him help you find a holster.
He works for Galco. They make really good holsters.
PM sent

Thanks for the info.
Good news and not so good news.
We do make a paddle holster for the P3AT. It is not available with the laser attached.
Only bad news for me!

Appreciate reply but your news is only bad for me. Do you know of any company that has one? I'm definitely living well & dying tired but I hope to live longer carrying my P3AT with laser. LOL
Desantis has them. I ordered one left handed. But it came in right handed instead. But gun with lazer fit so nice.
Found one by Tagua

Thanks for reply.:smt024:smt024 Found one at a local gun shop by Tagua; very nice leather, ambidextrous, made in Paraguay.
I bought that same holster for another gun - you'll like it.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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