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viperxiv said:
where can you get something like that??? :-D
The first thing to check is if you live in a state that allows NFA items, suppressors in particular. There is a summary of states/requirements here http://www.tacticalinc.com/pages/nfabuy.html , but don't take that for Gospel. Next, get with a firearms dealer in NFA items, commonly called a Class 3 dealer. They can supply the goods and walk you through the process. Other than that, it takes time and some money.

Here in Maryland, the pistol was about $300; $45 for the barrel adaptor and thread protector; the suppressor was $299; fingerprint fees were $15; state processing fee was $18; $14 for 2 passport-size photos; and $200 for the tax stamp (it's an ACTUAL STAMP!!!) from the Feds. It was about 5 months from the time I started the paperwork to the time I actually had it in my hands. The laser I added later, and it was about $85. Good luck!

Also, that suppressor is made by Gemtech. There are other manufacturers; if you email me ([email protected]) I'll be glad to email you some links.
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