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From the various polls taken hereabouts lately:

Those who favored the autoloader pistol fell mostly into the over 50 years of age group, followed by the 40 year old age group. But all younger groups were included, even the under 21. As to revolvers, the majority were thr 50s group, followed by the 60+. A few fell into the 30s, none less than this.

Of the pistol preference, the Springfield XD40 and H&K USP tied, followed closely by the Barrette 92.

In pistol cartridges, the .45 ACP was first choice (40%) with 9mm Parabellum second (33%) and third the little .40 S&W (15%).

In the revolver, a whopping 71% prefered the DA, while 28% opted for the Single Action.

Thos who don't reload , 50% said factory ammunition served their purpose. Of the reloaders, 60% said they reloaded to tailor their ammunition to their gun, 40% said good therapy.

I had expected pistol shooters to fall into a younger group, but probably many met the auto in the military, which would account for some of the older heads choice. Also, maybe from use in NRA Bullseye competion. And certainly I believe Hollywood has an influence, too.

The revolver shooters came as no surprise being older as many were brought up on Elmer Keith, Charles Askins, and Skeeter Skelton, to name a few. Certainly handgun hunting and Cowboy Action Shooting has kept interest in the sixgun alive. And, up until fairly recent times, the revolver has been THE police sidearm.

I hope you may find all of this as amusing and interesting as I did.

Bob Wright
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