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Hangfire said:
I'm new to the forum and only found out about it from a post in the newsgroups.
I'm a Iowan and have had a permit to carry for over 30 years. I have a small gun collection that consists of arms from the Revolutionary War, Civil War and WWII as well as modern arms totaling about 35 firearms in all.

I'm also a member of IowaCarry.Org which is an organization that is attempting to bring Shall Issue to Iowa. Iowa's system of issue is based on whether or not your county sheriff deems you trustworthy enough to be 'granted' a permit. Of 99 counties, unrestricted permits are only issued in 50 counties. The rest may issue but with restrictions making the permit worthless.

It's nice to see another pro-gun site on the web.
Welcome to the forums. :-D
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