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my name is James but I go by Jim. I am located in Ypsilanti Michigan and just bought my first handgun. I have been looking for the past year at some different types/brands. I was going to buy a walther p99 and was at a shop that didn't have them in stock however they had a PX4 storm. well the guy let me hold it and it felt so good. So long story short I picked up the PX4 in 9mm.

what a gun! I paid 575 with tax, and after looking it seems a bit high. a positive note to the higher price is the shop gave me 3 months of unlimited range time.

I bought the storm on 2/22 and have been to the range 5/6 times and have 935 rounds through it.

I have had no problems with misfires/jams..etc

the pistol is more accurate than I am.

I am in love...lol

I Just found the forums and know that they can be a great source of info and look forward to meeting new people and learning as much as I can about the industry and sport.


Welcome to our new forum Jim, it's nice to have to you here. :)

Also congrats on the PX4 purchase, it's good to see that you've had no problems with it. I'm looking to get one myself. If I can't find a 96 Brig Inox pretty soon, I'll be picking the PX4 real soon!
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