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Springfield Armory XD Service 45 vs Glock 30

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The beauty of the handgun market is there are so many different designs from which to choose. Some are more friendly to a wide variety of hand sizes and types and some are more narrow in this regard. However because of the vastness of the selections available, few should ever have any problems finding something that fits them to a 'T'. In my opinion, in the ranks of striker fired polymer pistols, the best feeling grip design is currently held by the Smith and Wesson M&P series. Without a doubt, I have yet to see someone pick up one of their guns and not be both impressed and amazed at how good it feels in the hand. I have seen this time and time again. This is not to say the M&P is the best choice for everyone... no way would I intimate that. But it does mean that the M&P is a serious consideration in the present market.

As for Glocks, for those who are not in the Glock camp, I would suggest giving them another try and handle some of the gen4 versions. In particular the models 17 and 22. Quite a difference between the gen4 and gen3 with these guns. You might be surprised. The new texturing and the slightly shorter length of pull with the G17 and G22 make the grip feel really good in the hand.

There is always the Beretta 92 and the CZ75 series pistols to consider. While perhaps not the best choices for concealed carry because of their size and weight, they have excellent feel and handling characteristics. Not at all bad choices for many people.

Now with that out of the way, the OP's subject is his thought process regarding concealed carry and I agree that this can be a daunting task. So many variables to consider from how one dresses to the size of the carrier to where the carrier plans to carry to what he drives to the sex of the carrier to the carrier's shape and on and on. And then there is which gun to choose.... which is what the OP began in the first place. What does the carrier feel most comfortable with on their person? What do they shoot the best in terms of consistently and confidently being able to deliver rounds to target? How many rounds do they believe they will want and need to carry? What about extra magazines? What caliber? How large, or small, are they willing to go? Is the gun comfortable to have on their person for long periods of time? Does it fit their lifestyle? There are more considerations without a doubt. And then what about the holster?

This can go on and on. Even for seasoned people in this arena, things change and need to be re-evaluated from time to time. I know this to be true as I did this very thing between September of 2011 to December of 2012. Things change. You age. Your body changes. Your eyesight changes. Your arm strength changes. Your needs change. And the market grows with new products. What worked great ten years ago may be improved upon today. This is a never ending process and that is how it should be. This can make it a very frustrating venture, or an exciting adventure. Think and stay positive and keep an open mind to both your changing situation and what's out there to be investigated.

Just my two cents.
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