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Caught On Tape: Woman Loses Shirt During Robbery
Clerk Grabs Woman Who Jumps Over Counter

POSTED: 1:58 pm CDT June 14, 2006

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A woman tried to steal cash from a Kansas City convenience store, but she ended up losing her shirt -- and it was caught on tape, KMBC-TV in Kansas City reported.

Last week's attempted robbery at Kaw Drive and Kansas Avenue was caught on surveillance video. It showed a woman walking into the store at about 1:30 a.m. and grabbing a can of soda. She headed to the counter, then jumped over the counter toward the open cash register.

However, the would-be thief was foiled when store clerk Omar Takow grabbed the woman's shirt. The topless woman stole $3 and fled, but she left her shirt behind.

"I was surprised because I wasn't waiting for a woman, I was waiting for a man, and the thing made me a little confused," Takow said.

Takow has foiled thieves before. In February, he made the news when he chased a would-be robber from the store with a golf club.

He said he's not thrilled with all the publicity, but he's not afraid to stand up for what's right.

"They can come and try it, but they will see that they will get what they deserve," Takow said.

"And the woman got what she deserved?" a KMBC reporter asked.

"Yeah, she deserved it," Takow said.

He said he got the stolen $3 back when the woman returned to get her shirt. She had two guys waiting for her in a car outside. They all got away, but without the cash.
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