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I will admit that Glocks are ugly - but they still look better than that thing.

I gotta take exception w/ U on the P99s. I really like the looks of them myself - Much better looking than a Glock. I like some of the polymers because many have an awesome finish on the slide, and ya don't have to worry about rusting them or oiling them down 1x a day/1x a week during the summer time in order to prevent rust. I pretty much keep the rails wet w/ oil, and that's about it. So, they have their place.

Now, a cool 1911 is my fav, visually. But, there are some nice Polymer guns out there.

Years ago, I used to be anti polymer too - even though I always had 1 Gloc, it was more out of necessity. Lately, though, I've been shooting BETTER w/ the polymer ones. Ya just gotta find the right one for U.
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