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Bodies burned in open after Nigeria riots kill 146

ONITSHA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Christian youths burned the corpses of Muslims on Thursday on the streets of Onitsha in southeastern Nigeria, the city worst hit by religious riots that have killed at least 146 people across the country in five days.

Christian mobs, seeking revenge for the killings of Christians in the north, attacked Muslims with machetes, set fire to them, destroyed their houses and torched mosques in two days of violence in Onitsha, where 93 people died.

"We are very happy that this thing is happening so that the north will learn their lesson," said Anthony Umai, a motorcycle taxi rider, standing close to where Christian youths had piled up the corpses of 10 Muslims and were burning them.Source: Reuters
Total Madness... :smt103

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Shipwreck said:
Sometimes I wonder what the heck is going on in the world. Even in our own country - the politicians do crazy things. What ever happened to common sense... And, back to this article - there is so much sensless violence, all in the name of religion.
It's pretty sad...

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Christian and Muslims have been killing each other for a very long time.
It will start here sooner or later. This so call war were fighting is the same thing just our people are scared to call what it is.
Any country with a 20% Muslim population I read once starts have trouble with them . They are no a peaceful group.
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