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Just thought I'd say hi to ya'll.
I am a sport shooting addict. I belong to USPSA, IDPA, GSSF and I also shoot NRA bullseye competitions. My real love is for USPSA and the limited class. My daily routine pretty much revolves around practicing for competitions. I don't always have a chance to shoot, but I make it a point to work on the draw and magazine changes at home.
I am an NRA pistol instructor and I put on personal protection classes for folks up here in MN so they can obtain their carry permits.
I follow the brian enos forums a lot. I also follow the Glock talk forums.
I am glad I stumbled onto this forum, as there looks to be some promise of good information exhange.
I tend to be rather opinionated and I hope I don't offend anyone, and if I do I have a rather thick skin so I can take it as well (as long as you agree with me--haha :-D ). Gee, I sound like what my wife says to me (I won't get mad at you honey, as long as you agree with me).

Welcome to the site. Don't mind my young age and off-topic posts. I do and always will support the 2nd amendment just like everyone else here does. :)
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