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Looking at your signature: You have some nice stuff too. Good luck, keep the collection growing. :-D
Thanks. I had way too much spare time on my hands when I spelled my name out using .22LRs. Also that .458 that almost takes off my shoulder in the GIF in my sig is sometimes painful to watch, but sure brings back all the great shooting sessions I have had in my short lifetime so far.

Yeah, I hope to keep the collection growing, but right now all my money goes to Maser Jr. Come this summer I will be able to work fulltime and start making good money. Anyways. I did get a cool new sling today. I stayed home from school today because I wasn't feeling good, but of course I start feeling better like an hour before school lets out. I'll get a pic of the sling later and a pic of it on my air rifle because it looks awsome.

Shoot safe, shoot often, and don't forget to shoot the breeze with family and friends. :wink:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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