This sale is for a like-new Barrett M107 (military version of the 82A1) .50 caliber semi-automatic rifle with a 29-inch barrel. This specific rifle is #40 of 100 kits made in a special run for the RSR Group. The kit includes the rifle, a Leupold Mark IV 4.5-14x50mm scope with mil-dot reticle, custom-molded Pelican case (TSA-approved), two 10-round magazines, cleaning kit, one dummy round (for function testing after assembly), and owner’s manual.

I purchased this rifle new and the rifle has been fired approximately 30 times. As the pictures show, the rifle, scope, and all items in the kit are in exceptional condition. The bore is, of course, mirror-bright. When you fire this rifle, everyone on the range definitely knows something important just happened, but with the rifle’s weight, innovative recoil spring system, and very effective muzzle brake, the felt recoil is reduced to about that of a 12-gauge shotgun. You just do not want to stand next to the muzzle-brake when the rifle fires!. so now is a great time to get a collectible rifle at a great price while you can.
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