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Finally found some small pistol primers and made some small batches of 4 different handloads. Went to a different indoor range. Did another few rounds of the old BPD pistol qual course of fire (but modified for the range rules, marked distances and snubby revolvers as well as adding weak hand only into the mix).

Loads were for the following projectiles:
- 125 gr XTP
-158 gr XTP
-158 gr LSWC
-170 gr powder coated LSWCHP

As a quick refresher:

The Old standard BPD course of fire was as follows, all from the holster:

2 rounds in 1.5 seconds at 10 feet (“No one should be closer than that.”)
2 rounds in 2.0 seconds at 20 feet (“The length of a car.”)
2 reload 2 in 6.0 seconds (8.0 for revolvers) at 30 feet (“From the curb to the front door.”)
2 rounds in 3.5 seconds at 60 feet (“From the opposite curb to the front door.”)

It was designed with service pistols and revolvers in mind.
Today I had to adjust a bit for both, range rules, and use of 5 shot snubby revolvers.
Today I modified the course of fire follows:
All from low ready as quick as I could get away with.

  • 3 yds 2 shots strong hand only
  • 5 yds 2 shots two handed
  • 10 yds 1 shot, reload, then 3 shots
  • 20 yds 2 shots
  • 10 yds weak hand only 1 shot
  • 5 yds weak hand only 1 shot
  • 3 yds weak hand only 1 shot
First order of business was to try a cylinder of each handload first at 7 yds.

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Then I ran three small handguns through the above course of fire. S&W 442, Taurus 856, and my long ignored Glock 26.

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After that I broke out my even longer ignored Sig 226 EE. Did some refresher shots on the black dots then did DA/SA transitions, followed by number “1” dot to number “3” dot and “3” to “1” transitions, and finally some weak hand shots. Been a while since I shot a full size handgun since I’ve been almost exclusively focused on carry gun practice.

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Last but not least I ran a few rounds of CCI Mini Mags through my Beretta 21a at 21 feet.

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All in all a decent time at the range.
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