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Lancer Ammunition

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Ordered 500 rounds of 38spl. 158gr SWC, & 50 rounds of 357mag jhp both were bulk remanufacturefinally got out to shoot some of it yeasterday. Overall well it is not super impressive most of the cases of 38spl look like this maybe there 2nd loading alot are just beat up looking. But not to bad mouth them every one I shot when bang and seemed to hit where it should & all the rounds felt like they were the same as far as powder charge. For $70 for 500 rounds it was still a good deal I just think maybe I should have paid the extra for new brass. Overall I thing if I had to rate Lancer Ammunition I would give it a 7 out of 10.

for around 7cents a round for th 38s it is finefor plinking.

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