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Spacedoggy, all you own are handguns, pretty much ??

Glock 17, 26, 30, 21c
Walther P22, P99QA
Ruger 10/22, Blackhawk 45LC, Mark II target, P345
Kel-Tec Sub2000, P11, P3AT .380
Remington Rand Govt 1911 ACP
S&W 686P 357 mag
Sigarms P239 9mm
Tauras Tracker 22LR
I only see two rifles

My list is:

H&K USP Tactical (45ACP)
Taurus PT-100AR (40 S&W)
Witness 10MM (wonder finish)
Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro
Desert Eagle Mk1, .357
High Standard .22 (M101)

SLR-95 (AK Clone)
AK-47 (SAR-1)
Century Arms L1A1
Winchester 30-30 (Model 94)
Remington 710 (30.06)
Marlin 22

Winchester Super X2 12 Ga
Charles Daly 12 Ga
Winchester Model 120 12 Ga
Marlin 336 in .410
Saiga .410

and I'm lame as compared to many :smt102

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I didn't put all my rifles down because this is a Handgun forum but I will. I have five that I have not listed. Plan on getting more into rifles as soon as I get to Texas.

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The IRS 12 step plan!!

It's good to be back in the forum. Thanks to shipwreck & js who corrected my log in problems.

My 12 step plan is the good old IRS. Got a letter from them informing me I owe some more blood money. The money I was saving to buy a new S & W MP40 will now have to be sent to those blood suckers. We really need "The Fair Tax Plan" as outlined in "The Fair Tax Book" by Boortz & Linder. Anything but what we got now!! :evil:

Now for the wife, shoes, clothes thing. She not only has about filled up our large, walk in closet with shoes & clothes but she is as much of a gun nut as I am. I guess that is the bad & the good news. :?

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Don said:
There is a program: buy a pistol, repeat 12 times.
Simple and easy to remember (but I lost count and went over :oops: ).
Been there,done that :( :(
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