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Hello HGF!

I am a new shooter who has been into long guns for a long time. My grandfather was an avid shooter and so was my father. I have been interested in hand guns for a while now but haven't taken the plunge until now. Since I live in the state of New York I have been apprehensive to start the process of getting my pistol permit just so I can go and shoot at a range and not be able to eventually after lots of practice carry daily. Now that I have a steady job that pays well and a family to protect (as well as get some time away from at the range) I have decided to fill out the paperwork and take the NRA basic pistol shooters course to apply for a permit. I will be submitting my paperwork next week and hope to have my permit sometime in the next 6months. I have a spotless record and my references are good so I should be in like flint (with a restricted permit of course).

Like most new shooters I have been doing a ton of research on what firearm to buy first. I have looked at calibers and styles and features and am having trouble deciding on one. Most of my searching keeps bringing me back to one in particular, the Bersa Thunder 380acp. I like the features this gun packs as well as the size and look of the gun. Here in the great state of NY I am not allowed to handle any guns until after I get my permit approval paperwork so it greatly reduces my ability to search for a gun (something I feel should have a lot of time spent doing) but this one speaks to me for some reason.

Which brings me to the issues I am having picking a pistol. Here in NY a law was passed that I am sure you all know about. The Safe Act. This little piece of crappy legislation severely restricts my potential pool of available guns. I would much rather have a 9mm than a 380 for obvious reasons (cost, defensive cap, availability of ammo) but most of the guns I am finding in 9mm are double stack and hold more than 7 rounds in the mag which makes them unavailable for purchase here. I have been trying to find a list of handguns that is filterable so I can pick the features I want and the parameters I need to find the list of guns I can try out in the shop when the time comes. Does anyone know of a list like this?

Essentially what I want in a gun is the following:
9mm or 380acp if 9 is not available
External hammer
Hammer drop safety
Empty mag slide lock
Double action/single action
7rnd or fewer magazine (more is better)
Decent sights
Frame on the small side but not tiny (as a new shooter I do not want a pocket 9)
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