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identification help.

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Got my answer. Thanks!
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Dug this off Reddit-

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· 7 yr. ago

Most important is that the BB adds white dot sights. They are euro post style and not 3 dot. It added more slide serrations but most of the changes were cosmetic. The F added a decocker and the squared trigger guard if that matters to you. I like the option for condition 1 myself so I went with BB.



Don't know if that is the answer you are looking for?
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I checked my firearms stock and forget that I had a NIB Beretta 84. I took it out and gave it another look-see. What a beautiful little handgun. It came with smooth walnut grips, but I also have a new pair of factory Beretta checkered Walnut grips for it as well.

Looked around some more and came across half a dozen of other handguns that I forget I had.

SCORE!! :p
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